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Guestbook for John Kincaid and F1.0 Imagery
17.Ashley Williams(non-registered)
After watching Channel 2 and the report they did on this photographer April 3rd, I believe it's safe to say he is a fraud. If you are a reputable business you will not take money upfront nor ask for money upfront from any client. You want your clients to be pleased with the work performed and if they aren't you try and correct it to the best of your ability. It's unfortunate there wasn't a written agreement between this unfortunate couple, but verbal agreements are binding in the state of Texas. The "right" thing for you to do Mr. Kincaid, if you have a conscience at all, is not only give this couple their photos but also refund their money...what you have done is wrong on so many levels. Your inner circle can see through your lack of morals for sure! Judgement day will have your scorecard!
16.Wedding Photos(non-registered)
Same here, were never got our wedding photos. It will be one year in June John does not return calls or emails. All we want is our wedding photos.
15.Travis Reeves(non-registered)
Majority of oil & gas corporations will not hire someone without proper credentials, the guy isn't even a member of the organizations he lists here, pretty sure he can get into trouble for that alone!
14.Cindy Licklider(non-registered)
How do you look at yourself in the mirror knowing you rip people off ? You robbed my friend of her wedding pictures !! What kind of a person does that ??? A sorry one that's you !!! I'm ready to go to court with my friend to sue you right out of business !!!
13.Kerry Stone(non-registered)
This specimen of a human being is not a professional. He stole from a friend of mine, $1500.00 to photograph her wedding and gave her nothing but a smile in return. This man is a thief and very far from a professional. He does take great photos "IF" indeed these are his photos. Anyone can get photos as these off the internet. This specimen should be totally ashamed of himself. I hope my friend goes to court and throws the book at him. I know the judge will side with my friend. After all I took pictures of John myself with his camera taking photos of my friends wedding. And I will surely go to court with my friend and testify against him. If any of you reading these comments need a photographer, if you are smart you will look elsewhere cause if you hire John Kincaid, he will take your money and you may never get your photos. He is s scam artist...... Justice Will Be Served !!!
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